Some Tips On Real-world Strategies For Ski Travel

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Incredible Village, shops, slopes, restaurants indoor water park. You get your own condo with your friends. 4,6 or 8 per condo.  Be a REP for your school area and Get FREE Burton Snowboards and equipment, I-Pods,  check it out. We feature college breaks, previously college West, trip weeks for New Years in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and Tremblant ski resort. X Breaks are awesome. Backyard session ski snowboarding trips to Seven Springs, PA for  high schools The best high school ski trips ! First in Eastern North America for restaurants.

Number one in North America for accommodation. Ski Travel operated the Molson collegeWest now college breaks, or college fest now college x breaks since 1991. Trips are now called College breaks also known as College X Breaks and feature more dates Spring break and winter break parties and activities for College X breaks are now being planned.

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