2018~2019 New England Home Football Kit

To welcome the grandest worldwide football event, 2018 Russia World Cup, Nike cooperating with The Football Association launched the new football kits for England team. Every players is armed to the teeth for the crucial matches on the pitch. They assume the responsibility to fight against their rivalries and bring the honor to their country. The kit will encourage and empower them to go further in this tour of World Cup.

Several emblems are famous for representing England, two of which are rose and St George’s Cross. The third famous symbol is the crest of the Three Lions of the national team which can be traced back to a long time ago in twelve century. These three classic pattern worked as major elements, playing a great important role in the design of whole series garment of England team. The football kit of this season originate from the history where the symbols made their names and new revolutionary technology functions like a fast-forward key leading it to the modern time.

The summer in 2017 witnessed consecutive extraordinary achievements accomplished by England football teams, which indeed prove that hope lies at present. In June 2017, England U20 team won two championship in Toulon Tournament and U20 World Cup sequentially, and in the later Five month, U19 team, U21 team and U17 team won great honors for their nation.As England’s senior men’s squad is read to compete on the attractive global football pitch, a generation of athletes looks to continue the upward trend.

Gareth Southgate leads a youthful squad, many of who will have their debut on the world stage . Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Raheem Sterling – going to his second global tournament at the age of 23 – and Marcus Rashford bring promise to offence. Manchester City duo Kyle Walker and John Stones look to transfer stunning domestic form to the international game and young goalkeepers Jack Butland (24) and Jordan Pickford (23) challenge 75-cap Joe Hart for the number 1 shirt.

The players will wear the new series of garment with the shade of white, red and blue in Russia. These hues which are the same as in the flag of the United Kingdom are three primary color of the United Kingdom. The colours of the flag are in turn taken from the flags of England (white and red) and of Scotland (blue and white), which have been combined to form the union flag; to this was later added a red saltire for Ireland. White shirt and blue shorts is a tradition and this time it is decorated with the red exquisitely. The shirt collects the traditional colors from the collar with rich sense of modern, St George’s Cross at the back neck, blue Swoosh and well-known Three Lions occupying both sides of the chest respectively. A sliver star above the crest reveals the most prominent success of the team, completing streamlined look.

England enjoys a such lofty place among the global game, which make it a regardful mission for designers to produce a recognizable kit. “Our goal was to create a range of products that even without an England crest or Nike Swoosh, would still instantly look like an England collection. That classic identity, with a modern edge added, is imperative to the whole collection,” says Pete Hoppins, Nike Football Apparel Senior Design Director.

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