2018~2019 New England Away Football Shirt

Since 1966, the color of red has became the eternal representative color of England team. This time, the new away shirt revealed by Nike is no exception. Both red of dark shade and pale hue constitute the base of the shirt. The graphic pattern of St. George’s Cross appearing at the center of the front panel is full of modern style. Red lines of irregular brightness manifests the speed aesthetics to reflect the youthful wave of talent that is taking over English football and culture. The white shorts decorated with white Swoosh and England crest plus red socks completes the integrated suit.

The colorful decoration on the shirt not only achieve the color tradition but also bring abundant historic culture to the design. The crest is a prominent one. The pattern of the England national football team has three lions passant guardant, the emblem of King Richard I, who governed the land from 1189 to 1199. In 1872, English players wore white jerseys ornamented with the three lions crest of the Football Association. The lions, often appearing in blue, have had minor changes to colour and appearance in the long history.

As a typical symbol of the nation, St. George’s Cross is no doubt seen fluttering in the wind from cars and terraces and on the back neck of the shirts. Saint George’s Cross is a red cross on a white background, which from the Late Middle Ages became associated with Saint George, the military saint, often depicted as a crusader. Associated with the crusades, the red-on-white cross has its origins in the 12th century. It may have been used as the ensign of the Republic of Genoa as early as during the 13th century. Saint George also rose to the position of “patron saint” of England after the English reformation, and since the early modern period his flag came to be identified as the national flag of England. The Tudor rose consists of five white inner petals, representing the House of York, and five red outer petals to represent the House of Lancaster.

The jersey also feature a rosette at the inner neck, referencing the rose that adorns caps received every time when the players represent the nation. The rose of England officially refers to the Tudor rose, sometimes called the Union rose. As same as other meaningful emblems, this one is the traditional floral heraldic symbol of England and take its name and derives from the House of Tudor, the monarch which united the House of York and House of Lancaster

Players’ name is written with special font deriving from Johnston and Gil Sans, which are both typical English Fonts. The former one is relevant with the overground transport and the latter one connects to London’s underground. The number sign changes its place from center to below the Swoosh. The new signs are equipped with anti-cling nodes to solve the issue complained by the athletes that previous signs had cause the shirt to stick to their skin in a condition of high temperature.

Come to buy a shirt for yourself and friends, cheers for the team together and enjoy the World Cup.

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